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Turtle Island History

Several years ago, I had my studio at 57 Island Street in Lawrence Mass. I had envisioned a series of sculptures that had biological function to clean the water. I had already created several floating wetlands for water restoration and providing safe nesting habitat for turtles and their friends in urban ponds, as well as biofilters to clean pesticides on golf courses. I moved my studio to Salem to build sea serpents as well as earth serpents and swamp serpents. The goal was to build a series of islands demonstrating how to adapt to a changing environment by creating an ecotecture that provides shelter and sustenance for people as well as having a positive biological function.

This year we are designing two habitats, one fresh water on the Saint Johns River, the other saltwater anchored off the Miami Yacht Club for Art Basel in Florida a state like many struggling with toxic algae blooms. We want people to live a little bit in this floating paradise and be inspired to adapt their own lifestyle to nature. We are exploring options for funding including a grant competition with Airbnb, win or lose we have begun the process of designing and collaboration, detailing the technologies and partnering on this leg of the journey. This vision of a series of artworks cumulates in an ecovillage in Lake Okeechobee clearing the algae while providing food and energy to the surrounding communities.

If this idea resonates with you, please watch this blog as we will document the design and process here over the next several months. Feel free to sign up to participate or just get to stay in a beautiful future.


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